About Us

At Bliss Nails we offer the most unique and luxurious experience for our customers.

Enjoy a total sense of luxury and have a perfect destination for a night out, bridal party or event.
Our experienced and licensed technicians provide the best attitude and service, making your treatments comfortable and fun.

Come solo or bring your friends-this won’t be a one night stand, it’s a relationship!

Natural manicures and spa pedicures can be performed at the same time or one following the other depending on your wishes. Having both services simultaneously can save you time without reducing the pampering experience. Please let us know if you would like both treatments performed at the same time or one after the other when you book.

Bliss Nail is named for the state of mind it fosters. Bright and airy, with futuristic white facilities and sharp red accents, the studio lavishes clients in crisp, clean comfort as nail techs perfect each digit. Whether it’s a manicure characterized by nail art, or a pedicure complete with an amber glass foot bath, every session leaves its recipient as blissful as she is stylish.

Google Review

This is my go to place!!! They do amazing work. I usually get a gel pedi and it lasts me for at least two months. They’re attentive to details. They are clean and always professional. I will keep coming back.